Hendricksons Photography Contest CSN

This contest places college students students students students students students with high school students to win cash pries. The work is on display for May-July in the CSN cheyenne campus technology building.  The reception was held in the auditorium with 3 of our WCTA photography students coming out with prizes.  Congrats to all who entered.  All entered work is on display.










Congratulations to Jeremy Kaminski for winning 1st Place $100 in the Architecure/Nature category.






Congratulations to Alex Jones for winning 2nd Place $50 in the Special Techniques category.







Congratulations to Amanda Cardoza for winning an Honorable Mention in the Architecture/Nature category.

Entering this contest made me realize that I actually do have some talents when it comes to photography and photo manipulation. I need to push myself harder because I think I can make better things. I liked being able to see all of the winners' works. Entering was worth it because you might just win $50 like I did!

Alex Jones 11